DSE 2.0-Concrete Pier

Finally the day has arrived to pour the concrete pier.  This is what the telescope will be mounted on.  It's separate from the floor so that no vibrations from the floor will affect the telescope.

We started by getting two loads of gravel and 5 bags of cement.  We borrowed a cement mixer from our cousin Victor.  This was a huge time savor. Thank you Vic!  The process went like this.   Dad and Steve would alternate shoveling gravel/cement into the mixer and Vic and Alex would add the water and handle the mixer.    Alex and I would then carry boxes of the mixture up the stairs and pour it in the hole (about 50 loads, gonna be sore tomorrow).  About 1/3 of the way we added re-bar.

The whole process only took about 2 hours.    A huge thank you Dad, Steve, Victor, and Alex for your hard work.  Things are so much easier when we work together.   A special thanks to Alex's friend Caiah for taking pictures for us.

Tim DoucetteComment